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Residential real estate investment is one of the most common investment types when it comes to investing in real estate.Depending on various parameters to consider before deciding on which strategy to implement, generating passive income by leasing and reselling after rehabbing are both great ways of generating income.

If you are planning to generate a passive income by leasing, it is crucial to evaluate the essential information for this specific type of investment such as CAP rates, operating expenses and vacancy rates. On the other hand, for investors who are seeking lucrative short-term investments with rehab projects, it is key to define the maximum purchase price that allows for a desired profit after fixed and estimated rehab costs.

In any case, an investor-friendly buyer’s agent who understands the needs and has an in-depth market insight in order to find the most profitable deals in an area is vital for a savvy investor.
Commercial real estate investments,when selected correctly, can lead to substantial stability in cash flow. In most commercial investments, the owner is protected when rental rates decline because the leasing agreements are generally on a multi-year basis.
Mixed-use real estate investments are those that combine residential and commercial type of properties into a single project. The most significant advantage of mixed-use real estate investments is that they possess a built-in diversification, which is significant for risk management.
Depending on your resources, financial goals and life choices, there are several types of real estate investment strategies, which should be implemented at the right market at the right time. Your seasoned agent can provide you with in-depth market analysis to bring the most personalized investing options for you.